Don’t Wake Up Tiger

Don't Wake Up Tiger. Britta Teckentrup. Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. 2016. Nosy Crow. 24 pages. "Don't Wake Up Tiger" by Britta Teckentrup follows a stork, fox, tortoise, frog and mouse who are trying to sneak past a sleeping tiger while carrying a bunch of balloons.  This story allows for a great deal of interaction as… Continue reading Don’t Wake Up Tiger


Playtime with Ted

Playtime with Ted. Sophy Henn.  Illustrations by Sophy Henn. 2017. Bloomsbury Children. 10 pages. "Playtime with Ted" is a simple but sweet story by Sophy Henn showing the different ways in which a little boy called Ted plays with an old cardboard box.  The book provides a beautiful insight into the creative mind of a… Continue reading Playtime with Ted